Monday, August 31, 2015


I was looking through seemingly 1000's of photographs over the weekend,
my late husband was never without a camera, so we have pics of EVERYTHING !!!

when we were first married I discovered there was no way I would be able to use
the closet in the master as he had it completely taken over with his things.

the easiest, quickest, most practical way to make my own space was to take a small bedroom upstairs which was basically junk storage anyway, and build a closet.
I thought of everything.
below is one section which shows floor to ceiling shoe storage & suiting.

I always used shoulder covers on my good garments while they were waiting for their next wearing.
this protects the apparel from almost everything.

Part of My Closet

there was a window in the room, so I had built-in drawers built underneath the window
for my jewelry, sorta like the ones below.
this created a ledge or countertop where I could display other items and where I would place a lamp.
I had tract lights on a dimmer installed so I wouldn't have bright lights shining on the apparel unless I
specifically wanted it that way.

These are all so beautiful! I wouldn't be able to fill them though! Time to go shopping?!!

there was a small closet already in the room, so I made it into this type of storage.

The Very Helpful Shelving Unit  This comes in handy if youre not sure where to begin your organization process.

pretty cool idea for jewelry storage,
however, never hang you nice/good/fine jewelry.
lay it flat so the chain/stringing material, etc. is not stressed.

walk in closet-master bathroom , my guest bedroom turn into a walk in closet. Cust...

Standard clothes measurements and storage space requirements for your closet design (via Organized Living)

&, of course, since I had an empty room to work with I was able to built it out specifically for my trouser lengths, etc., like the diagram above.

and, now I've discovered there an app for that !!!
stylebookcloset app for IPhone where you can use your own clothes, like Polyvore,
to create different outfits.

Stylebook, a closet manager for the iPhone. Take pictures of your own clothes and build outfits!

I have NO idea why anyone would need this, unless you're loaning things to someone else,
which none of us would do, right?


Sunday, August 30, 2015

There is No Doubt....

the Jolie lips on daughter, Shiloh, who is now 9.

that girl had no chance to be anything but beautiful, did she?

looking forward to a cooler week in Houston, kids are back in school,
except for the college students, mom's are back shopping,
and Labor Day looms, marking the REAL end of summer for all of us.

I just watched the trailer for "By The Sea" the movie starring
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Pitt (as she is now known),
the movie is going to knock our socks off, I think.
the trailer's titles are even great!

in other movie news, I watched "Some Kind of Beautiful"
with Pearce Brosnan & Salma Hayak over the weekend.
something there for all of us so if you get a chance to catch it on pay for view please do yourself a favor and watch.



Friday, August 28, 2015

The Most Romantic Wedding Venue

Looking for your dream wedding destination?

 We've found it.

I wish I could make the photo larger as this is just so beautiful.

Is This the Most Romantic Wedding Venue in the World?

this place began as a sugar mill long long ago.
it was abandoned and almost went back to the wild,
when a woman came along and had to restore it.

she could see it as it should be.

her vision was brought to life in the most beautiful way imaginable.

go here to read the entire article,

and you can find eved more photos on pinterest.
just look for HAIKU MILL, MAUI


Thursday, August 27, 2015

People Change....

those of you who've been reading my blog for awhile already know that my 
preference in interiors (mine) lean toward the very sleek, ultra sophisticated looks.

however, lately the images below have captured me.

I think it's because they are SO completely livable and comfortable,
made for creature comfort, without pretense.  
you know?

and I think I've relaxing a bit as I've fallen under the influence of
Penelope Bianchi and The Contessa, Elizabeth.
2 women of immense talent and
boundless charm.

I've also decided it's OK for the dogs to get on the furniture, albeit they always did
but with much worry on my part.

now, I won't worry.
they are a part of my life, a big part!

& then there're the grandchildren,
aged 7.5 to newborn.

there can be no pretentious with them around !!!

have a wonderful day, my friends.

I'm almost back in the land of the living,
temps have dropped considerably meaning Fall is not too far away.

& yes, Helen, there is a huge difference between 100f & 90f.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Three's Company !!!

these red outfits make me smile,
bring on the holidays !!!

the 70's vibe is such a happy, casual way to dress.
any of these outfits 
make a perfect winter's day dressing in Houston.

 Grabbing all attention and turning heads as beauty's
Sanne Vloet, Larissa Hofmann & Melina Gesto 
take a stroll through the city as David Bellemere captures the models 
in the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, Hermes & Bottega Veneta,
 styled together by Marina Gallo 
for the september issue of Vogue Spain.


Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Texan



If you’re overdressed 
people will just assume 
you’re coming from somewhere better 
or going somewhere better.

Texan, Jerry Hall in the early years,
still beautiful & still witty.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Theory

(image of the Diana Fountain, Bayou Bend Gardens, Houston Museum of Fine Arts property,
open to the public)

transitional dressing.

here in Houston we're not certain exactly what this means as our climate
usually consists of 200 days of Summer, 20 days of Winter,
& the rest divided into Fall & Spring.

however, we do travel, thankfully.

for the rest of my readers, the ones who actually live in locations where we have 4 actual Seasons,
the little outfit above would be absolutely wonderful!

for any age, any size.

the Linella wool/cashmere blend funnel-neck sweater is beautiful in this silver gray color,
love the way it fits, it's design is flattering to everyone.

& that perfect leopard-print skirt, the Marvita A-Line shaped, would become a staple for me.
wood/nylon knit pull-on skirt, below the knee making it wonderful for our Fall shoes/boots.

& both from THEORY in a really great price point,
both pieces are very affordable.

please let me know what you think...would you wear this?

I know I would....and could wear it almost every single day during the season.
I especially love the fact that the pieces are not married.
either could go without the other, you know?


& this JOIE "Matricia" PONCHO ?
pop it on over the outfit above or wear it 100 other ways,
love the pattern, texture...and yes, even with the leopard print skirt.

wool/poly, under $300, you can find it here

& ummmmm what a wonderful Christmas gift for someone!!


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jeff Leatham's Green Botanical Wedding Flowers

is there anything more beautiful than Jeff Leatham's flower designs?


below is an example of WHY he is so in demand.
wish they had said whose wedding and where it was.

a lovely Sunday to you guys...


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Avo Restaurant in Nashville

an avocado margarita?
yep, at Avo's

all this from Chalkboard Ezine
Okay, guys we tried to convince Nashville’s Avo Restaurant 
to share all the luscious, boozy details with us for their avocado margarita, 
but to no avail. 
Wisely, they’ve kept this dreamy cocktail recipe all to themselves, 
and now we’ve got plans for a Music City 
wellness weekend spinning in our heads!

 please go here for the entire story 
about the vegan tacos too

now, I seriously LOVE good tacos.
the real Tex-Mex ones, with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa & chopped fresh jalapenos
no cheese, no onions, in a crispy corn taco shell.
a complete meal for me.

but, I'll try these, maybe only once, but I'll try them...
& as for Avo's, just go see

raw tacos raw taco recipe

& the tacos above are HERE
vegan, gluten-free collard green tacos by Andrea Bemis


Promo The Voice(s) & Random Musings

ohhhh, Mama, these are certainly some cute kids!
especially Adam & Gwen,
especially GWEN!!

r  those "basketball" sequined shorts?

I actually watch American Idol once they get down to the top 20 or so,
cannot watch the entire process of elimination before that, even though some of it is cute,
and I will miss that show when it retires after this next season...
and just LOOK at the stars they created !!

finally, we are beginning to see the shift in seasons here in Texas.
we always have downpours with each season's change & that's what's happening now.
it's good ! we need the rain X10 !
& the letup of the HIGH HIGH temps is very welcome.

the ladies are beginning to shop for Fall fashions,
we're seeing girlfriends shopping together now that some of the schools have started again.

yesterday we had a plethora of them shopping.
just so much fun for them, and for me too.

tomorrow I have an interview with the owner of the "NEW SHOP" coming to Houston,
I will keep you posted on what happens.

my former manager at Sak's 5th Avenue is bringing the shop to Houston,
and working with her  again would be wonderful.  she's a pro & a whole lot of fun.
 she's in San Francisco now & will remain there,
but is head of all California & Texas operations for this company.
so it's all good.