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The "Tina" Italian Leather Handbags - Now 50% OFF

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays


A White Paper Report

as we are all racing around, with Christmas on the horizon & then the
New Year chiming in, I wanted to tell each of you how much I appreciate your continued
each time I receive your comments I think how much better my world is
because of blogging.

Happy Holidays to each of you, my friends !!!

& now
an article about 
by Tony Glenville, Journalist & Creative Director of London College of Fashion,
which appeared in 'NOW FASHION'



Elie Saab Haute Couture - Backstage

What is true luxury in fashion today?
Is it something you don’t need, a frivolous thing, thus a luxury? Is it something ridiculously expensive which flashes “I am so rich I can afford this”? Or is it, as it is in my book, simply the pinnacle of perfection?
In recent seasons fashion has fastened onto two key trends: Minimalism and simplicity, as exemplified by Phoebe Philo at Celine, and Normacore, which is fashion based around clothing basics and “normal” dressing.
Although “trends” in both cases, they actually have a closer affinity to luxury than, in many ways, do high end designer and label fashion or the hot fashion “must have” look of the moment.
True luxury NEVER shouts or declares its presence; true luxury whispers. True luxury is never overstated. In design terms, tiny details mark out luxury from the everyday –in the basic or the essential, the classic or a sparingly minimal design.

But luxury is not limited to clothing.
Take, for example, an invitation to an event, and simply evaluate all the elements.
Hand delivered of course, the rustling tissue lining to the thick heavy envelope. The way the envelope is sealed: hopefully with wax and a crest. The thickness of the card it contains, possibly gold edged. The slight creaminess of its white hue, the surface texture of the paper, the Nicholas Ouchenir calligraphy spelling out your name, the discrete location of the event. The limited number of invitations you know have been sent out. All these things can indicate luxury on one simple item.
Attention to every element of the finished invitation has been examined; no detail is too small not to be scrutinized.
Above all luxury has to take time. Time, which itself is a luxury, since you cannot rush or take shortcuts for quality.
In fashion terms this means the touch of the fabric, the discretion of the color, the hand stitching. Buttons can make or ruin a garment and the quality of the lining or the way a zip is inserted are not just elements in the construction of a piece. For the luxury fashion connoisseur they are vital elements leading to a purchase. The pitch of a collar is as important as the shade of camel for the season, the angle of a pocket flap in relation to the positioning of the buttons is as considered as is the entire garment’s proportion. The hand embroidered loop for the hook at the top of the zip closure is luxury in miniature, just as the hand sewn button holes on a suit cuff, which are fully functional, are a sign of attention to detail.
The backbone of luxury is mainly established through houses whose integrity of design, fabric and production is consistent and enduring. Heritage and establishment are the rock solid foundation for many luxury names across the globe; Locke & Co, Swaine Adney Brigg, Chaumet, TrussardiBrunello Cucinelli, Lodenfrey, Loro Piano, FerragamoRoger VivierBallyHermes, Moynat, Brioni, Henry Poole, Falke, Dunhill, and others cover many requirements for the luxury world from tiara to umbrella, from sweater to suit.
Labels are rarely featured, since only other luxury cognoscenti will recognize the workmanship, craft and style. Seasons slowly merge into each other, silhouettes and shapes evolve through extraordinary technical developments, and often the designs from the archive are mined, proving their quality and staying power.

In all this, luxury is also clearly linked to Made to Measure for men and Haute Couture for women.
The luxury of a shirt tailored to fit perfectly with a collar, which does not choke or hang loose; sleeves exactly the correct length to show exactly the correct amount of cuff -- Charvet will provide such a shirt.
Such made to measure shirts and suits tailored to discretely balance the wearer’s shoulders or slim his waist are why bespoke not only continues but indeed flourishes in these days of technology; the gym alone cannot correct every physical defect for a man.
The perfection of a bespoke suit -- which enhances where it should enhance and disguise where it should disguise -- is as inestimable as couture is for any woman -- as the ateliers which are constantly buzzing at Chanel Haute Couture bear witness to.
Clients will tell you that even surgery cannot give you a longer neck or more delicate hands, but a couturier’s skill with adjusting a collar or flaring a sleeve to within a millimeter can create illusions a magician would be proud of. The off the peg strapless dress which never quite fits because one size is too big and the other too small, and somehow the alterations in store didn’t work; the suit jacket which seems to button precisely across the owner’s paunch -- luxury customers know nothing of this, since the minute adjustments and the crafts peoples’ approach to all this is simply: we will deal with it, and it will be perfect.
Luxury is the soul of discretion; if the clothes whisper, the teams of luxury artisans and the vendeuse, fitter or salesman remain silent. The conspiracy between those who buy luxury and those who enable them to purchase it is a knowing smile about the lips and a small bow. Thank you, Sir.
Finally, it is important above all to remember that luxury is possibly the most sustainable element within “fashion” because it is outside fads and fancies and never goes out of fashion. It is made to last a lifetime, and the after care is exemplary due to the enduring relationship between the client, the company and the product.
Even after the owner’s death, the luxury piece can either be bequeathed to the family or auctioned for more than it originally cost.
Luxury is eco and investment in one perfect whispering beautiful heirloom package.

for me, this article tells the entire story of the classification of
Luxury Products
which is a huge segment of the world market.


Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Definitely WORTH the Trouble

but, first a note:
50% off merchandise in my shop
IF it is still available.

see previous post for details,
just scroll down to find it.

most of you know I don't cook often any more,
so I definitely do not bake often..
however, there are a couple of parties I'm attending where it's required that guests
bring a plate/pot/dish of something wonderful.

in searching around the internet I came across this 
absolutely delightful cookie recipe,
& not only is it beautiful to look at, 


Rosewater Shortbread

& because I didn't do a thing except follow directions
I'm giving full credit to
101 Cookbooks
found HERE

if you have time & the desire or the occasion to make these little beauties
please read through her entire post as she gives many little details which
make or break this recipe.

I followed her suggestions down to the finest detail, even getting her
same rosewater.

I'm shopping for my little grandchildren and was told this morning that
Sheriff, who will be 7 in January, wants a Bell "Stoker" Lime Green or Black
Bicycle Helmet.

Archer told me she wants a tea service for the little kitchen I got her a couple of years ago.
a tea service? !!

wonderful, isn't it ?

bells are ringing.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

In The Shop

for our readers/followers only


>Emillio Pucci - Backstage
  I am offering a very special deal...

if you're still shopping 
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select Italian Leather Handbags
& most other items are
50% OFF
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how's that?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let's Make a Deal

to my readers I am offering a very special deal...

if you're still shopping 
(or you want something for yourself :)'s)

hop over to my website shop,
reached via the Shop Splenderosa up top right,

find what you wish to purchase & send us an email telling us what it is & a photo
if you can copy & paste..


select Italian Leather Handbags
& most other items are

50% OFF

only for my readers !!

how's that?


Friday, December 12, 2014

Deck The Halls....

how about a completely new & wild twist to a

are these things just simply beautiful?

& yes, they absolutely are !!

made with unusual plants, seed pods, etc.
& brought to you by the cute little
magazine Pith & Vigor

I'm in love with this one below
& could easily set out to make it this afternoon,
it calls out for my creative instincts to take over.

would you like something like this?

wreath by @hermeticaflowers viawww.studiogblog.com
or, perhaps, this one?
holiay wreath by @twigandtwine via www.studiogblog.com
the suggestion with the one above is that all wreaths do not have to be round.

I kinda like that idea, it's still an enclosed space, albeit not exactly a structured circle,
but I think it'll do for certain.

holiday cover

Happy Holidays, everyone !!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

"BY INVITATION ONLY" December 2014 - If Money Is No Object ???

International Blog Party

Happy Holidays, everyone, & welcome to our December post

because it's almost Christmas and we are already thinking about
we thought it would be some serious fun to think about

a gift for your best girlfriend
a gift for your mother
a gift for your significant other

1 person or 3 people, the task at hand should be a fun one and not arduous for our membership.

the glorious windows of Bergdorf-Goodman in NYC.

now what on Earth could be a better gift to your girlfriend than
a trip to New York City to see the beauty of the city at Christmastime?
especially THOSE windows!

this year the creators decided on "An Ode To The Arts" as a theme, and
chose to showcase

of course, this visit would be for a few days so that she could shop till she dropped,
be wined & dined by some very special friends who live there,
like "21" with the famous jockeys up top,
one of my personal favs:
Rue 57
The Metropolitan Club

Ralph Lauren's Magnificent Store

you understand, of course, that I would have to accompany her as her
husband is unable to travel, and she no I would want her to go alone!

she already has a Burberry trench coat, LV luggage, etc etc etc.,
but I want her to have a VIP trip from her front door to the door
of our hotel in the big apple.
where do you think we should stay, btw?

this would mean a car & driver to and from the airports,
1st Class Tickets
a beautiful suite somewhere
& plenty of time to have fun, with ALMOST NO AGENDA.

 1 more gift would be this book written by our blogger friend, Erin Gates.
(she already has Tish's book, Vicki's books, and will receive Sharon's book
+ anything else any of our membership deems worthy of publication).

there will be some major book suggestions later on this week,
all great gifts for someone you love, or great for your own coffee table.

now,  for the girlfriend I have in mind there are some other requirements so that she can go on this little holiday trip...
personal care for her husband and pets while she's out of town,
& to get ready for the holiday vacay she would need a housekeeper for a year,
otherwise she wouldn't get ready on time.

as I really don't have a significant other to buy for,
the man in my life is my son
& he would be thrilled to receive these items

the Louis Vuitton Leopard Scarf
wool & silk

with a graffiti LV signature on the end.

and these Bottega gloves
black & brown with a cashmere lining

I'm hoping & knowing all of you are having a wonderful holiday season
with your friends and family
& that we all remember the best Christmas of all is one celebrated at home
with all of those people around you
(and the dogs).

please join all of the membership who is joining us in posting today,
a link up list is below



Great Gifts


Milly sequined skirt, super yummy, $270

Sam Edelman Booties, $175

Soap Rocks

Soap Rocks from Species By The Thousands online

Origins - Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
this is wonderful


Splenderosa's Italian Leather Bag
with detachable shoulder strap.
now 1/2 price for my readers
$325.00/NOW $162.50
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to order,  be sure to specify color


It's a Wrap ....

the importance of the scarf wrap today,
everyone wants one !!

a couple of posts back I showed 2 different sources for the amazing large ones,
both on ETSY.
scroll down a bit to see the items.

any of these pieces would make a great Christmas gift.

seems like the larger the better,
and the guys are even wearing them!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Little Stacks of Christmas Books

do you guys have a collection of these books, bought through the years,
tenderly packed up with all the decorations and stored away for another season's use?

I do.
books from when my kids were kids, books found on travels around the world,
all Christmas themed.

each one of us has a special memory of just one book.
we re-read it each year and smile as we think of the memories.

it's a tradition now.
hopefully, the books will be passed down to my grandchildren,
read again and again, with new smiles.

Happy Holidays everyone !!


❥‿↗⁀♥ simply-beautiful-world

are we supposed to harness wild animals so they can work for us?
I don’t know either, it just seems this guy looks sad.  Just saying.

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