Friday, March 21, 2014

With Springtime Texas Bluebonnets Make Their 1st Appearance

Photo: Classic Texas -- Texas Bluebonnets and Horses

A little more Bluebonnet Drool to hold y'all over 'til the season starts rolling. Enjoy!

Photo by Ken Slade.
the beautiful Texas hill countryside
photo by Ken Slade

yesterday I was driving through Memorial Park in Houston and saw the
very 1st bluebonnets with their little heads popping up.

it makes us smile to see these native plants each Spring.

this special park is a huge place and so much a part of Houston's lifestyle,
there were 100's of joggers, every baseball diamond was being used.

it a way it was like EVERYONE celebrated the arrival of Spring at exactly the same time.

they will be with us until the temps rise so anyone who can get in the car
& drive an hour or 2 into the hill country can share in the glory.

this is almost all of us




  1. Beautiful.....Thanks for sharing this ( :
    HaPpY SpRiNg!

  2. Thanks for sharing...looking forward to spring!

  3. Beautiful..brings me hope...snow predicted again for tomorrow in Montreal!

  4. me hope as snow is predicted for tomorrow here in Montreal!

  5. Gorgeous! The bluebonnets are so pretty...hope to see them in person some day! Have a fabulous weekend, Marsha! xoxo

  6. The lovely debussy music accompanying tis lovely bluebonnet photo makes me want to visit that park!!
    Have a great weekend Marsha:)

  7. Beautiful!


  8. BLUEBONNETS……..I do not think I have ever seen a BlueBonnet!!!!
    What a sight…………….do they have a fragrance?

  9. How gorgeous!! With my favorite animals in the back round!!!

  10. Me encanta tu bloc ha sido un placer visitarlo, te invito a mi blog, y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

  11. I'm looking out at dirty piles of snow, and dreaming of seeing flowers . . . thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh, Marsha. I love Blue Bonnets! They remind me of lupines.
    Hope that you are having a wonderful spring.

  13. What a beautiful photo, both the bluebonnets and horses. For those of us who have seasonal changes it 's like an alarm goes off in our hearts and says it's Spring. I find it insane that our weather which has been lovely may turn to snow on Tuesday!
    Happy Sunday,

  14. It must make your heart sing seeing this drifts of blue. Happy Spring!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous Marsha, what a treat to see. They look like a kind of native Lupin...lovely!

  16. I so remember the Blue Bonnets.
    In fact I have a photo from 1940 with my Mother holding me in a field
    of Blue Bonnets. It's said Maine may get weather in a week in the 40's, that's a
    Spring day. Today it is 16 degrees but feels like 5 degrees.
    Our Maple Syrup season has been ruined,
    Enjoy the wonderful views of Spring. Wish I could hitch a ride in your car.


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