Tuesday, February 10, 2015

'BY INVITATION ONLY' February 2015

International Blog Party

hello everyone,

does it seem that 2015 is flying by at warp speed to you as it does to me?
goodness, it was just Christmas !

Penelope Bianchi, one of our chosen ones, has selected the topic this month:

when decorating do you go with your own ideas, use an interior designer, or follow trends?

as a few of our members ARE interior designers of some renown I will be
dying to read what they have to say on the subject.

as most of you know, I've moved into a high-rise a few months ago
after living in large properties all of my married life.

this, in itself, has proven a challenge.

a huge challenge to down size,
meaning "some of your stuff" simply cannot be used.

there is only so much square footage, and I've given up a huge kitchen for a small one,
so I don't even have the basics in the kitchen yet (still in storage).

I did, however, manage to find a way to have my apparel, accessories, coats, shoes, bags, jewelry,
pajamas and underwear to be housed properly, and my makeup and hair stuff.

I've taken the most important elements, like my art, and we had some large canvases in a large home, & I would miss them terribly if they went away, we also have some beautiful
antique Persian rugs which will be the base of the design theme.

uniqueshomedesign:loveisspeed…….: charisma design

working on this look for the entry which is very small, but it's the 1st thing you see when
my front door is opened.
of course, there is nothing I can do outside the front door (dammit), but the inside of the front
door will be lacquered black just because it will remind me of home.

I will use the same color theme as I last used in the house because all the furnishings
are done up already + my art ties it all in..

& finally the home must work for me and my 2 little doggies,
it's not going to be hosting grand parties, just my friends & kids dropping in,
so the requirement for having MUCH is just not there.
BUT, it does have to be beautiful, just for me.

so the walls will be painted a beautiful deep shiny gray, the kitchen & bath too,
and I'll add more storage somehow.  bookcases, built-in add a lovely stableness without
taking up too much space, all with interior lighting for atmosphere.

when my husband & I got married we sought out assistance from a famous interior designer,
Ed Harris, no relation.  
he taught us how the organize the playing field, 
we had too many interesting objects in one room, 
which was rather unsettling to the eye.
 he gave us balance.
now I see that everything in a room does NOT have to be IMPORTANT, 
only a few pieces.

also, for the 1st time in my life I need a place to watch TV with my 2 little doggies
sitting right next to me.  I'm afraid I'll succumb to  a chaise for the comfort, but that
I'll be SO comfortable I'll fall asleep.

as I've "collected" many things over a long period of time, inherited other things...
this is now difficult to deal with in the smaller place.
I don't have the luxury of a proper space where these bibelots can be grouped together,
and as a grouping they make a lovely statement.
of course, my 2 adult kids don't have the same taste and/or style of their mother
and claim they would "never" use any of it.
this is tragic, isn't it?
or is it just the normal evolution and generational differences?

of course, as I go along I will share some images with you.
I'm a nit-picker and am never satisfied until I think it's perfect,
that's why it doesn't bother me one bit to live in the mess that it now is.


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tomorrow I will begin a week-long series honoring Valentine's Day,

it's being called:

a parody of that movie,
come along an join me, and remember it's suppose to be witty.

(OMG, I wrote this last night as I was falling asleep and cannot believe all the
typo's and spelling errors !!!!!    sorry, ladies, I'm human.)